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HighPower eNews -- July 2011

"Power Tools for Pastors"

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New - You can get one Free Coaching Session with Dr. Bill Miller

  • Sermons:  
    • The Main Thing
    • The Book of Philemon ("Blessed to Be a Blessing") 


Take a look at these two Factoids

Factoid #1: 

Factoid: More Muslims in Iran have come to Christ since 1980 than in the previous one thousand years combined.

Source: (Towns, Elmer & Warren Bird. Into the Future. Grand Rapids: Fleming H. Revell, 2000, p. 222.)

These and other Factoids can be found at ChurchGrowth Factoids


HighPower Thoughts  Blog

(What I'm learning right now in the areas of Ministry Coaching, Simple Church, Church Growth & Church Health.)

Recent Posts:

  • New COACHING articles:
    • Finished series on “Coaching Alphabet Soup” - How to Spell S.U.C.C.E.S.S. with your coaching ministry
      (6 articles)
    • How to Translate Intangible Goals into Measurable Results
  • Recent Church Growth blogs:
    • Five Mistakes of Strategic Planning
    • Seven Steps to Break the 1,000 Barrier
    • One Key Financial Fact you need to know before you Build
  • Pastors and the MacBook Air
  • The First 100 Days
  • Four Attributes of a Healthy Church Culture
  • How to Prepare a Sermon (in 10 parts)
  • Check out the Blog here.


NEW Resources:

FREE COACHING SESSION - a lot of pastors have not experienced the power of coaching yet. I’ve been a believer and a practitioner of coaching for many years now. it is a powerful tool to help individuals, and pastors, to reach their goals. I’m happy to share this powerful tool for effective ministry with other pastors. If you would be interested in receiving a free coaching session, please feel free to contact me. We can set up a time to do a one-hour no-obligation coaching session. Give it a try; I think you will enjoy the clarity of thought and planning which it provides. Contact me at “DrBill@HighPowerResources.com” for more info.

  • Wedding Elements - help couples plan out their wedding service by giving them this handy guide which gives them chocies for Scripture, Vows, Music, etc.
  • Coaching Session Form - a new and improved streamlined coaching session form used by HighPower Coaching to help you succeed. Take a look.


Other HighPower Coaching Resources can be found here.

Software News

sermonbase logo

SermonBase Message Planning Software

One great feature of SermonBase is the calendar view which allows you to see your year at a glance. This view lets you see any gaps you have in your sermon planning.

shepherd care logo

Shepherd Care Group Software

Track all your Small Groups & Classes with this tool

family faces logo

Family Faces Church Directory Software
Make your own pictorial directory w/o having to hire an outside servie to do it.


HighPower Library -- Free software for Pastors


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Sermons - New Sermon Available

  • Bible Series: Inerrancy & Hermeneutics
  • The Main Thing: The Great Commission
  • The Book of Philemon ("Blessed to Be a Blessing")

HighPower Sermons



Cracking Your Church's Culture Code by Sam Chand

Great book to help you understand what really makes your church tick.  Best insight of this book, "Culture trumps vision".  That is, culture will eat strategy's lunch.  So make sure you understand and manage your culture first.


Empowering for Growth & Health

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