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Dr. Bill Miller

HighPower eNews -- October 2012

"Power Tools for Pastors"

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A Word from Bill

The big news around here right now is the remodeling of our on-line resource store. It has been completely retooled and looks great. You can visit the Resource Store from any page on the HighPowerResources.com site. Check it out! You can access not only software, sermons, Bible Studies, dramas, and seminars, but also lots of free resources to help empower you for growth and health.

Thanks and God bless,
Dr. Bill

NEW this Month

  • Coaching:
    • The First 100 Days in a New Ministry
  • Drama:  
    • Restless Evil
  • Bible Study:  
    • "Deep Waters" A Men's Leadership Study in Nehemiah

Spiritual Gifts Survey

"Spiritual Gifts Survey"

"Pastor and Church Leaders, have you ever taken a spiritual gifts survey or inventory? We would like to get your opinions about spiritual gift inventories. Please click the following link for spiritual gift inventory which will take you to a page on the HighPower site for a quick 8–question survey. It will take you just 2–minutes to complete. Thanks!"



Take a look at these two Factoids


Factoid #1: “Wordlwide, Christian baptisms are running at 12,740 every day on average, but churches lose 53,151 who die and 19,178 who defect every day. Each day, some 234,247 unevangelized persons become evangelized. But unevangelized persons are increasing every day though birth by 257,808 persons. So, overall we are losing the battle to evangelize at a rate of 23,561 every day.” Source: (AD2000 Global Monitor (1992 stats) )

Factoid #2: “In fact, there are more missionaries at work today than ever before in history,' he pointed out. 'What has changed,' Anderson says, 'is at least 100,000 of these missionaries are being sent out by Protestant churches in non-western countries.” Source: (LOST IN AMERICA, Tom Clegg & Warren Bird, p. 28)

These and other Factoids can be found at ChurchGrowth Factoids

HighPower Thoughts Blog

HighPower Thoughts  Blog

(What I’m learning right now in the areas of Leadership Development, Church Growth, Simple Church, & Church Health.)

Recent Posts:

  • Simple Church: Alignment -- Alignment is defined as "the arrangement of all ministries and staff around the same simple process." According to their research, "there is a highly significant relationship between church vitality and alignment". Read more..

  • Simple Church: Focus-- Focus means eliminating everything that doesn't fit in with your discipleship plan. Geiger states, "People assume the more that can be squeezed into the menu, the better." But as they make abundantly clear in the book, that is not always true. Read more..
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HighPower Thoughts Blog


NEW Resources:

We have a whole new layout of the list of Coaching Resources for your personal ministry within your local church. This is free to any and all Pastors. Below are two sample resources for you. Also visit here for the complete list.

The First 100 Days in a New Ministry --The first 100 days of any new initiative often sets the tone for the future of that endeavor. This is noted in presidential first terms, as well as the first days of work as a CEO. This equally applies in the church world. How you handle the first 100 days of ministry is important. Therefore, it is wise to enter this time with a plan. Read more..

Free Coaching Session - A lot of pastors have not experienced the power of coaching yet. I’ve been a believer and a practitioner of coaching for many years now. it is a powerful tool to help individuals, and pastors, to reach their goals. I’m happy to share this powerful tool for effective ministry with other pastors. Give it a try; I think you will enjoy the clarity of thought and planning which it provides. Contact me at “DrBill@HighPowerResources.com” for more info.

Other HighPower Coaching Resources can be found here.

Software News

sermonbase logo

We now have an on-line user guide for SermonBase. It can be located here.
HighPower Sermon Available

Sermons - New Sermon Available

From Here to There -- The message shows the similarities between the Early Church in Acts 1, and our situation right now. It assures listeners that Jesus has provided us with all we need to succeed at evangelism. Read more…

More HighPower Sermons can be found here.

HighPower Dramas

Drama - New Drama Available

Restless Evil -- Bob is a "good" Christian who believes himself to be a model of his faith. However, he doesn't realize that living the faith is a 24-hours-a-day deal. Bob also has trouble taming the "restless evil" of his tongue. Based on James 3:1-12. Read more…

More HighPower Dramas can be found here.

HighPower Dramas

New Bible Study Series Available

"Deep Waters" A Men's Leadership Study in Nehemiah -- This 11-lesson Bible Study series will dig deep into the life and ministry of Nehemiah, the cupbearer who had unreserved access to the King. What leadership qualities that bring results can we learn from him? Each lesson is composed of in-depth but engaging guide questions to make the discussion more applicable in today's context. Read more…

More Bible Studies can be found here.

Empowering for Growth & Health

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