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Dr. Bill Miller

HighPower eNews --December 2014

"Power Tools for Pastors"

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A Word from Bill

Our two Factoids this month show kind of an interesting contrast:

On the one hand Gen. Schwartzkopf, remind us that just ‘hoping’ things will improve in your church is not an effective strategy. On the other hand, leaders of growing churches in most cases have the character trait of ‘vision’. Vision is not the same as hope. Vision is the quality of not just ‘hoping’ that things get better, but being able to visualize what that ‘better’ actually looks like, and the steps needed to get there. Leaders can map a path to a preferred future. We have a number of free resources available to help church leaders set goals, plan, and prosper the ministry. Take a look around the HighPower site, and learn and grow. We are here to help you help your church to be well fed and well led.

~ Dr. Bill

NEW this Month

  • New Blog Posts:
    • Developing Apprentice Leaders
    • Is Management in Churches Necessary?
  • Drama:  
    • Christmas In Narnia
  • Books:  
    • Book Review: “Focus” (Willowcreek Study)

A to Z Spiritual Gifts Bible Study and Inventory

"Spiritual Gifts"

The A to Z Spiritual Gifts Bible Study and Inventory is a complete solution to study, understand, and discover your spiritual gifts.



Take a look at these two Factoids: 

Factoid #1: ““Hope is not a strategy.” — Gen. H.Norman Schwartzkopf Source: (not available)

Factoid #2: “For instance, 40 percent of growing church pastors say that vision is one of their traits to a very great extent as compared to only 16 percent of plateaued church pastors… Source: (“Church Growth Principles”, C. Kirk Hadaway, Nashville: Broadman Press, 1991, p. 83.)

These and other Factoids can be found at ChurchGrowth Factoids

HighPower Thoughts Blog

HighPower Thoughts  Blog

(What I’m learning right now in the areas of Leadership Development, Church Growth, Simple Church, & Church Health.)

  • Developing Apprentice Leaders -- One of the toughest jobs that I believe exist in the local church, but also one of the most important ones, is developing leadership apprentices who are qualified to take over and lead an existing ministry. Every church has ministries which somebody needs to lead. In many cases, there is one person leading the ministry and if s/he leaves, the ministry will be scrambling to find a replacement. Jesus has taught us a better way, and there is good guidance in Scripture for how this is done.Read more..

  • Is Management in Churches Necessary? -- The church is not only the physical building in which services are held. It is first and foremost the people who join a group of likeminded souls with the purpose to serve the Lord. On this level leadership is mostly required, but also a certain amount of management. Read more..

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Sofware Updates

Family Faces Church Directory Software

This is an easy to use software that does one thing very well — help you to create & maintain a great looking computer-based Family Photo Directory that can be run by either Mac or PC. It will be you from expensive printing of paper manuals and high-pressures sales people trying to squeeze your families and little-old–ladies for more dollars for photos.

Other HighPower Software can be found here.

HighPower Sermon Available

Sermons - New Sermon Available

Team Power – – “When you discover who you are, you can know where you fit.”(This is a message for ministry team leaders in your church, more than a sermon. The download file includes a worksheet to help each team develop its own ‘resume’ of goals and team projects.) Read more…

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HighPower Dramas

Drama - New Drama Available

Christmas In Narnia -- A short play (in five parts) based on C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”. The evil White Witch has put the land of Narnia into a permanent state of winter…but never Christmas! Four children from England stumble into this magical land and find themselves in a head to head battle between the White Witch and the powerful lion Aslan. Read more…

HighPower Dramas

New Bible Study Series Available

Quiet Time -- This unique study examines the Israelite’s experience with manna in the desert from Exodus 16 to help believers understand the importance of a consistent daily habit of meeting with the Lord in prayer. Then it provides a number of tools to have a good devotional experience, including teaching on the SPECS Bible Study method and the ACTS prayer method. The Bible Study packet also includes freely reproducible forms for daily quiet time use. Read more…

More Bible Studies can be found here.

HighPower Books


Book Review: “Focus” (Willowcreek Study) – – The Reveal research is based on responses from hundreds of churches and many thousands of church members. When Willowcreek ‘revealed’ their initial findings from the first book, entitled (surprise!) “Reveal”, it created quite a stir. The reason for this is that Willowcreek made some changes to their philosophy of ministry, to a slightly more traditional approach, as a result of what they learned in the first Reveal study. Read more…

More Books can be found here.

This Month's Freebie

This Month's Freebie

Simple Christmas – – In a time when Christmas seems to be all about everything except the story of the Christ Child, this message helps listeners return to the reality and simplicity of that first Christmas, through a verse by verse exposition of Luke 2:8-20.

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