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Dr. Bill Miller

HighPower eNews -- November 2016

"Power Tools for Pastors"

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A Word from Bill

Hello Church Leader,

You will be encouraged to see by this month’s factoids, that, despite what the common media may lead you to believe, there are still many many people who attend church and believe in God.

Our job as Christian leaders is to not only encourage those who attend, but also to help the church keep reaching out to those who do not attend.

Our goal at HighPower Resources is to help your church to be Well Fed and Well Led. If we can supply you with the right resources, we believe you can take it from there.

Our current focus is to help you to have access to your messages and Bible studies and sermons from anywhere with any platform and any location for as many of your team members as you need. That is why we are creating SermonBase Cloud. It comes in two versions, Lite, which is free, and Pro which is just $5 a month.

Take a look and check it out. It is still in beta, but we think it is pretty cool.

God bless,

Dr. Bill

NEW this Month

  • Sermons:  
    • Living on the Edge of Faith – Joshua Series

sermonbase logo

"SermonBase Cloud"

We are now offering FREE subscriptions to "SermonBase Cloud". This is a web-based version of SermonBase! We are happy to offer this to all HighPower Resources eNews subscribers on a trial basis. The software is still currently in beta-test mode, and we have some pastors who are trying it out, and offering their opinions of it as beta-testers.

Let us know if you want to be on that team. Meanwhile, feel free to try out this link and sign up for your free subscription to SermonBase Lite. This is free for six-months, for as many sermons as you want to create or store in it for your own use.

Go to this link and give it a try. Then be sure to send your comments to DrBill@HighPowerResources.com to let us know how you like SermonBase Cloud.

A to Z Spiritual Gifts Bible Study and Inventory

"Spiritual Gifts"

The A to Z Spiritual Gifts Bible Study and Inventory is a complete solution to study, understand, and discover your spiritual gifts.



Take a look at these two Factoids


Factoid #1: “(64 percent) of our respondents said yes when asked, 'Do you happen to be a member of a church, synagogue, mosque, or other organized religious group?'” Source: (George Gallup, The Next American Spirituality, 2000, p. 99.)

Factoid #2: “Fourty-four percent said they attended at least once a week.” Source: (George Gallup, The Next American Spirituality, 2000, p. 99.)

These and other Factoids can be found at ChurchGrowth Factoids

HighPower Thoughts Blog

HighPower Thoughts  Blog

(What I’m learning right now in the areas of Leadership Development, Church Growth, Simple Church, & Church Health.)

Recent Posts:

  • Applying Simple Church – – Simple Church is a great book with a powerful premise. It is basically that simple, and therefore effective, church’s have a clearly defined process for making disciples. And this means a complete process from the moment before a person accepts Christ, to the growth into Christian maturity. Read more..
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Sofware Updates

Shepherd Care Group Software

Using the picture of Sheep, Shepherds, and Flocks this software helps you track the details on all of the small groups in your church.

Other HighPower Software can be found here.

HighPower Sermon Available

Sermons - New Sermon Available

Living on the Edge of Faith – Joshua Series – – Life is all about facing challenges, making the right choices, taking risks, and overcoming barriers. This series from Joshua will empower you with the faith and courage you need to attack life with gusto and win! Spiritual principles from God’s Word will show you how to cultivate Courage, develop Faith, break through Barriers, take Risks, win Battles, move from Fear to Faith, from thinking small to Living Large, to multiplying your faith through Mentoring.Nine messages about major faith themes from Joshua 1 – 11. Read more…

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HighPower Dramas

Drama - New Drama Available

Psalm 55 – – A split-scene sketch where the words and feelings of Psalm 55 come to life in both historical and modern context. King David is on the run from his son Absalom while Julie is struggling under the weight of her problems. As David cries out to God in the anguish and hope that becomes the 55th Psalm, Julie reads and finds comfort in the very same words. Read more…

More HighPower Dramas can be found here.

HighPower Dramas

New Bible Study Series Available

Salvation – – This Bible Study lists almost every relevant passage related to Scripture which deals with eternal security, from Job to Revelation. Then it looks in depth at the top seven passages related to eternal security. It also has a special focus upon the “Unforgivable Sin”. Finally, it provides some practical application for understanding assurance of salvation by applying the doctrinal tests of 1 John to the Christian life. Read more…

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HighPower Books How to Prepare a Great Sermon in Ten Easy Steps


How to Prepare a Great Sermon in Ten Easy Steps – – This 44-page book takes a simple step-by-step approach to creating a sermon. Dr. Miller has been helping people build great sermons for years through Sermon Coaching and SermonBase Message Planning Software. Now all of that training is pulled together in a simple, reproducible process, following the classic guidelines of homiletics, explained in a format that both laymen and pastors will appreciate. Read more…

More Books can be found here.

This Month's Freebie

This Month's Freebie

Remember Me – – This sketch is based on the account of the two thieves who were crucified along with Jesus. While one thief is bitter towards life and mocks Christ, the other thief comes to realize that his only hope lay with the man hanging beside him.

Empowering for Growth & Health

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