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Dr. Bill Miller

HighPower eNews -- January 2017

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A Word from Bill

Hello Church Leader,

Our Church Growth Factoids this month on January focus on vision and the future. It is significant that pastors of growing churches say that Vision is one of their strong traits. But exactly what is vision?

Vision, as many define it is, "a picture of a preferred future".

At its simplest then, pastors who have growing churches take more time than others to think about the future of their church. They dream of where it could be, what it could do, who it could become.

This requires time with the Lord every day, and extended time with the Lord on a regular basis. "To dream God's dreams after Him", as they say.

As we enter 2017, my prayer is that God may lead you and guide you to His vision for His church which you are overseeing.


Dr. Bill

NEW this Month

  • Drama:  
    • Real World: Small Group

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"SermonBase Cloud"

We are now offering FREE subscriptions to "SermonBase Cloud". This is a web-based version of SermonBase! We are happy to offer this to all HighPower Resources eNews subscribers on a trial basis. The software is still currently in beta-test mode, and we have some pastors who are trying it out, and offering their opinions of it as beta-testers.

Let us know if you want to be on that team. Meanwhile, feel free to try out this link and sign up for your free subscription to SermonBase Lite. This is free for six-months, for as many sermons as you want to create or store in it for your own use.

Go to this link and give it a try. Then be sure to send your comments to DrBill@HighPowerResources.com to let us know how you like SermonBase Cloud.

A to Z Spiritual Gifts Bible Study and Inventory

"Spiritual Gifts"

The A to Z Spiritual Gifts Bible Study and Inventory is a complete solution to study, understand, and discover your spiritual gifts.



Take a look at these two Factoids


Factoid #1: “40 percent of growing church pastors say that vision is one of their traits to a very great extent as compared to only 16 percent of plateaued church pastors…” Source: (“Church Growth Principles”, C. Kirk Hadaway, Nashville: Broadman Press, 1991, p. 83.)

Factoid #2: ““Hope is not a strategy.” — Gen. H.Norman Schwartzkopf” Source: (not available)

These and other Factoids can be found at ChurchGrowth Factoids

HighPower Thoughts Blog

HighPower Thoughts  Blog

(What I’m learning right now in the areas of Leadership Development, Church Growth, Simple Church, & Church Health.)

  • How to Set Great Annual Goals – – A lot of people set goals each year. I love to set goals and usually take a couple of days each December to do so. But unless you know what makes a good goal, you can just be wasting a lot of time. So, what makes a goal GREAT, and worth the effort? Read more..

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Sofware Updates

Family Faces Church Directory Software

This is an easy to use software that does one thing very well — help you to create & maintain a great looking computer-based Family Photo Directory that can be run by either Mac or PC. It will be you from expensive printing of paper manuals and high-pressures sales people trying to squeeze your families and little-old–ladies for more dollars for photos.

Other HighPower Software can be found here.

HighPower Sermon Available

Sermons - New Sermon Available

Life Together -- The sermon is about the spiritually healthy church and the spiritually healthy Christian life. Using the Early Church of Acts 2:42-47 as our example, the main idea is: “The Bible teaches that there are three dimensions to healthy Christian living.” Read more…

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HighPower Dramas

Drama - New Drama Available

Real World: Small Group -- This is a four–week drama series, with an additional Introductory drama. This is a not-so–typical small group, in which each member conveys a major flaw, any of which might be commonly found within any circle of believers. Read more…

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HighPower Dramas

New Bible Study Series Available

Faith Essentials -- The "Faith Essentials" Bible Study is a comprehensive collection of key teachings which are absolutely necessary for successful Christian living. New Christians need the assurance of their salvation as they begin their walk with Jesus. They also need to know how to overcome temptation and how to have a regular daily devotional time to meet with God each day. Read more…

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HighPower Books How to Prepare a Great Sermon in Ten Easy Steps


How to Prepare a Great Sermon in Ten Easy Steps – – This 44-page book takes a simple step-by-step approach to creating a sermon. Dr. Miller has been helping people build great sermons for years through Sermon Coaching and SermonBase Message Planning Software. Now all of that training is pulled together in a simple, reproducible process, following the classic guidelines of homiletics, explained in a format that both laymen and pastors will appreciate. Read more…

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This Month's Freebie

This Month's Freebie

One Body – – A reader’s theatre piece based on 1 Corinthians 12. Within the church, each person makes up a different part of the body of Christ. We are given unique talents and skills to be used for God’s special purpose.

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